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Christmas  Veggie Tray

This Christmas veggie tray is a perfect appetizer  for your next holiday party. Healthy and festive, this Christmas tree platter is a fun way to add some veggies to your holiday table.


– 1 large head broccoli – 1 red bell pepper – 1 orange bell pepper – 1 yellow bell pepper – 15 cherry tomatoes – 1 large slice cheddar cheese – 10 pretzel sticks

Step 1

Wash and cut your veggies. Cut each broccoli floret with a flat bottom.

Step 2

Arrange broccoli on a large platter. Use the biggest florets f0r the bottom tier.

Step 3

Lay pepper strips between the broccoli tiers to make garland.

Step 4

Tuck cherry tomatoes into the broccoli tiers to make ornaments.

Step 5

Use a cookie cutter to make a cheese star, and pretzel sticks for the tree stump.

Step 6


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